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5 essential boxing coach skills!

By September 30, 2021October 8th, 2021No Comments

5 Must Have Boxing Coach Skills!

The difference between a good and great boxing coach can be a lot more than simply having good boxing skills,
a great instructor of any sport needs to become a translator, planner, counselor, psychologist, scientist and so much more!

Below are 5 skill which we believe are absolutely vital to becoming a legendary coach.

1. Vocals

The ability to effectively use your voice is such an underrated tool for boxing coaching and boxing class instruction.
Don’t just sit behind your actions, use your words to teach with confidence!
Using multiple forms of communication will create an accessible and comfortable learning environment between you and your client/s!

2. Preparation

An action plan or schedule for an upcoming class is vital to running your business smoothly.
These is nothing more crushing to a client when a trainer doesn’t show up with a plan.
Don’t make this fundamental mistake, always have a plan prepared.

3. Adaptation

Have you ever thought out and created a structured boxing sessions, only to have to throw the plan, right out the window!?!
One of the differences between a good and great coach is the ability to change the format at will.
If you can improve at anytime and adapt to your clientele, you will set yourself apart from the competition.

4. Translation

Sometimes running a boxing session can feel like you’re speaking another language!
Not everyone will understand boxing terminology from the get-go and that’s ok.
Try to observe what your clients learning cues and focus on communication that they understand.

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