About Punchfit®

How we pioneered Fitness Boxing

A brief History of Blackbelt Pro, Punchfit®, and Punch Equipment®.

Full time very hardcore muay thai and boxing gym with pro shop established by Khru Bruce Townhill Coogee Beach Australia. Membership swelled to 100 plus (everyone brought along their girlfriends!)


Gym named “Blackbelt Pro" as Khru Bruce Townhill wanted to professionally train the many blackbelts being produced elsewhere in Sydney at that time who could not defend themselves or anyone else due to their lack of Muay Thai skills.


Moved to 5000 sq ft location in Randwick, Sydney, Australia.
The Blackbelt Pro® Gym ran for over 28 years and was home to many champions and fitness enthusiasts.


Pro shop becomes discount retail force in Sydney-named “Punch® Factory Outlet” after the Punch Equipment® brand name AAA GRADE PUNCH EQUIPMENT® became a major seller above the other brands carried in the shop.


First professional pad course was devised and certified. Membership grew quickly to fill 45 Punchfit® boxing, kickboxing and muay thai classes in operation per week, allowing for constant research and development of improved equipment and skill applications to the Fitness Industry.


Bruce Townhill (chief instructor) awarded a Khru Certificate by the authentic Muay Thai Association Bangkok.

“Tested on Humans® slogan was invented and incorporated into the Gym and Equipment due to the large fighter base testing the Punch gear on a daily basis.


Membership base grew to unprecedented numbers due to The Blackbelt Pro Licence system and professional padwork techniques allowing many instructors to present a quality controlled, safe and effective training system for men women and children.


Kick Pad Instructor Coursesyllabus devised and offered in conjunction with the Punch Pad Instructor Course™.


Major re-fit of gym as Blackbelt Pro P/L becomes the official test centre for Punch Equipment® which is now exporting the AAA Punch product around the world.


Punch Pad Instructor Course™ is accredited by Fitness NSW, a recognised course in the fitness industry professional development curriculum.

In the ring Blackbelt Pro Fighters have an amazing year with the last 50 fighters achieving a 98% win rate under the Instruction of Khru Bruce Townhill.


With 35 belted champions from approx 200 ring fighters Blackbelt Pro Gym produces its first undefeated Super heavy weight World Champion.


Punchtex® superior durability material is brand named after being tested for several years and found to be the most durable material ever used.


The Kick Pad Instructor Course™ is accredited by Fitness NSW.


International and local movie celebrities begin to call the now famous Blackbelt Pro Gym ”home” along with hundreds of locals and travellers from around the world.


Punchfit® and Kick Pad courses receive national accreditation through Fitness Australia to meet heavy demand for courses Australia wide.

Khru Bruce Townhill is awarded a Master Khru (AjARN) certificate from the World Muay Thai Council Thailand.


World First-Blackbelt Pro Pty Ltd finalises 10 years of testing the Punchtex™® material with Punch Equipment® announcing in it's 2006 International catalogue the world’s first Ltd lifetime time warranty on boxing equipment.

Released Punchfit® DVD – Now a best seller within the Fitness Industry! Punchfit® DVD Vol 1

Punchfit® Pad Training 150 levels in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai class formats released.

The PUNCH EQUIPMENT® warehouse is completed in Sydney.


Punchfit® Entry Level Boxing course released to cater for the 1000’s of Personal Trainers entering the market.

Punchfit® DVD 2 – Authentic Kickboxing Pad Work released.


Punchfit® 50 Combo Boxing Manual released with 100 pages of training ideas and 12 months syllabus of teaching skills to make your workouts rock your clients and keep them motivated. Punchfit® 50 Combo Boxing Manual


Blackbelt Pro® Gym and Punch Equipment®
celebrate 20 years!

Punchfit® GROUPX®
course curriculum released to cater for Gyms wanting to offer professional group pad work classes.

New Punchfit® website launched with “Trainer Search” service for Punchfit® accredited trainers and instructors wanting an easy way to show prospective clients their qualifications.


Punchfit® moves it's Head Office to Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

Punchfit® launches Social Media integration successfully.


Punchfit® goes totally on-line with a new website and on-line business platform to help PT's cater for the Punchfit® trend that is growing globally, rapidly.


Club Punchfit® Business Licensing being released for P.T Businesses and GROUPX® Club formats.

PUNCHTV® on-line continuing education and training support videos launched.