How many CECs or CPDs will I get?

    Fitness Australia CEC







    Fitness Australia awards CEC points and REPs NZ awards CPD points for successfully completing our courses. Below is the amount allocated to each course.

    Name of Course:Length of Course:
    Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1 = 8 CECs and 10 CPDs8 hours
    Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing = 6 CECs6 hours
    GROUPX® Combat Level 1A = 3 CECs4 hours
    GROUPX® Combat Level 1B = 4 CECs4 hours
    Kick Pad™ Instructor Course = 6 CECs6 hours
    GROUPX® in the Gym = 3 CECs4 hours
    Punch Pad™ Instructor Course = 5 CECs6 hours


    Managing Director Note:  Certification Points are allocated by time, not by authentic knowledge or skill transfer.  Some of our lowest awarded CEC courses are our highest skill and knowledge courses.

    Do you do private courses?

    Yes we do, you only need a minimum of 10 students and a private course can be arranged in your gym/studio.
    Call us toll free (cost of local call only) on 13 000 (LEARN) 53276 to discuss the possibilities of Punchfit® coming to you!

    The following courses are available:

    Name of Course:Length of Course:
    Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1 = 8 CECs |10 CPDs8 hours
    Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing = 6 CECs6 hours
    GROUPX® Combat Level 1A = 3 CECs4 hours
    GROUPX® Combat Level 1B = 4 CECs4 hours
    Kick Pad™ Instructor Course = 6 CECs6 hours
    GROUPX® in the Gym = 3 CECs4 hours
    Punch Pad™ Instructor Course = 5 CECs6 hours


    What are the start times and locations of your courses?

    Punchfit® offer courses at over 60 locations Australia wide. Course start times vary between morning and afternoon.

    Checkout our course calendar for more info.



    I have already attended a different boxing course in the past, is it still necessary for me to complete the Punchfit® Trainer Course prior to attending any of the instructor courses?

    Yes, irrespective of any previous boxing experience, the additional technical knowledge and training you’ll gain from the Punchfit® course will ensure fun, correct and safe training methods.

    What equipment is required for each course?

    All equipment is supplied by your Punchfit® Presenter or you can buy your own at reduced prices by registering for Wholesale pricing at Punch Equipment®.

    Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1: 1 x set of Trophy Getters™ Gloves + 1 set of Thumpas® Focus Pads.

    Trophy Getters

    Trophy Getters® Commercial Gloves with precision handfit, attached thumbs, deluxe padded palms, waterproof linings, full wrap solid velcro wrist this unit comes in many sizes and colours.

    Focus Pads for Boxing

    These ambidextrous pads have an ergonomic curve to catch those slippery beginners punches. Light and fast these pads are easy on/off with a special palm grip control mound. Sizes: M & L














    Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing: 2 x sets of Commercial grade Punchfit® Hybrid Glove/Pad

    Boxing Gloves and Pads

    These greatly reducing equipment layout requirements – zero change over downtime and vastly lower skill requirements to complete a highly enjoyable workout compared with traditional glove and pad workouts.




    GROUPX® Combat Level 1A: 1 x ManShield™ + 1 x set of Debt Collectors® fingerless mitts
    GROUPX® Combat Level 1B: 1 x ManShield™ + 1 x set of Debt Collectors® fingerless mitts

    Punching Kick Shield

    The GROUPX® ManShield™ will be the most used piece of equipment in your PT bag. With it’s anti-cork barrier and unique face for uppercuts and chokes – this pad will become your spare ‘partner’ for training clients.

    Debt Collectors

    These fingerless Mitts allow your clients to grapple and grab hold the ManShield™. They also allow your clients to drink without taking their gloves off!















    Kick Pad™ Instructor Course: 1 x Trophy Getters® Gloves + 1 x GROUPX® ManShield@ + 1 x Thai Pads


    Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves

    Trophy Getters® Commercial Gloves with precision handfit, attached thumbs, deluxe padded palms, waterproof linings, full wrap solid velcro wrist this unit comes in many sizes and colours.

    Curved Thai Pads

    Punch innovative curved pillow face to catch kicks & punches, these light-weight Thai Pads are perfect for fitness workouts.

    Man Shield for MMA

    The ManShield™ is perfect for all genres of training, such as solo, partner, mass classes and strapping to a tree to use as a bag!

    How do I receive my electronic certificate once I pass my course?

    Punchfit Trainer Course – Level 1 Certificate Sample

    Once you have booked your course, you will receive an email with your log in details. You can manage your booking from here, transferring if needed.

    Upon completion of your course, you will receive an email stating how to download your certificate (this is sent within a 7 day period but is usually done within a 72 hours). You then download your certificate under your log in details.

    If you have lost your log in details – please click on Lost Password? under the LOG IN section.

    Now you will never lose your invoice or certificate!

    Benefits of our new electronic certificate:

    • Instantly downloadable upon successful course completion
    • Printable – A4 size  so it is cost effective
    • 100% self-managed
    • Always on file – under your username/passcode access to www.punchfit.com.au
    • Just download the PDF whenever you need it – even on your smartphone, when out and about!

    Please allow up to 7 days for all the course paperwork to be finalised – although most certificates are released within 72 hours.

    The electronic certificate has eradicated the following:

    1. Last minute bookings (within 10 working days of course) receive their certificate up to 1 month later via Australia Post
    2. Re-issued certificates being mailed out were being crushed – despite our best efforts in packaging
    3. Can be re-issued at NO COST!  You just log in……how easy is that!
    4. On-line process allows us to keep prices stable on maximum CEC allocation courses – inspite of rising costs
    How can I book if I do not have access to the internet?

    The only way to book a course is if you book on-line and accept our terms and conditions of booking at the checkout.  We can not do this on your behalf.

    As our new website is mobile and tablet friendly – this should make our website accessible to most.

    Please go to your nearest internet cafe or ask a friend/family member to use their computer if you can’t access through any other way.


    What do I need to bring to the course on the day?
    Punchfit with gloves & carry bag

    Lauren wearing a Punchfit Sports Bra.

    All equipment is supplied on the day.  Due to safety considerations only the gear supplied can be used.
    You have the option to purchase the course gear at reduced prices.
    Simply ring 13 000 (PUNCH) 78624  and  press 1 for sales/enquiries to find out how.

    The following items will make your day more comfortable:

    1. Covered athlete shoes
    2. Comfortable training clothes
    3. Towel
    4. Water
    5. Packed lunch – the 30 minute break may not allow enough time to go to shops
    6. Doctors clearance certificate if you have an injury – otherwise you must learn by watching from the side
    How can Punchfit® help me with my business?

    Once you complete one of courses you become legible for the following:

    • Automatically adds you to Is your Trainer Qualified?  directory service on www.punchfit.com.au
    • Unlimited access to Punch Equipment®’s wholesale prices so you can on-sell to your clients
    • Gives you access to our Club Punchfit® Memberships



    How are new class formats released for your Gym to teach?


    In consideration of the license fee (per club address), after successful certification in our Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1 and Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 2, your club is able to access PUNCHTV.com to view the Super Session – a highly comprehensive tutorial.

    The Super Session is released at the beginning of every month, except December.


    Who can teach the Punchfit® class formats under a GYM membership?

    Any person that has:

    1. successfully completed the two courses; Punchfit Trainer Course Level 1 and Punchfit Trainer Course Level 2
    2. has a Club Punchfit® Membership


    Can we sell equipment required for the Punchfit® Classes?

    Yes the Club Punchfit® Commercial and Club Punchfit® PT Licence includes ‘best-buy’ exclusive registered wholesale access online at www.punchequipment.com.  See the examples below on how you can further your income by becoming a re-seller.

    Punchfit® Hybrid Glove:Pad

    Punchfit® Hybrid Glove/Pad: Your clients may want to purchase their own gloves – be a one-stop-shop and on-sell to make your PT Business more viable.

    Sell for AUD RRP $99.99 per pair
    (P.O.A for wholesale at www.punchequipment.com)


    Urban QuickWraps

    Urban Quick Wraps: Take the hassle out of wrapping hands with these ‘quick wraps’. The extra padding over the knuckles gives that extra protection to your beginner clients.

    Sell for AUD RRP $14.99 per pair
    (P.O.A for wholesale at www.punchequipment.com)

    What are the Terms and Conditions of the Memberships?

    In becoming a Club Punchfit® member, the applicant or corporation acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions and acknowledges that a contract arises between the purchaser of the Club Punchfit IP Licence as (‘you’,  ‘your’)  and  Punchfit® Global  Pty  Ltd  (‘us’):

    1)  Upon successful application and in return for payment , you may use the following trade marks in Australia only, in association with your personal training business or gym:

    (a) A Club Punchfit® PT Membership gives access to the following marks:
    i) “ Punchfit®” WORD MARK – trade mark registration 1114604
    ii) “Authentic Punchfit® Trainer” LOGO trade mark
    iii) “Punchfit® Trainer NAME may be used as a social media name
    (Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest etc) in conjunction with the area you work in
    (e.g: Punchfit Trainer-Gympie | Punchfit Trainer-Gold Coast | Punchfit Trainer-Surfers Paradise)
    however you can not use the name Punchfit as your social media name (e.g: Punchfit-Gympie)

    (b)  A Club Punchfit® GYM Membership gives access to the following marks:
    i) ‘Authentic Punchfit® Safety Starts Here’ LOGO – trade mark registration 1307118
    ii) “ Punchfit®” WORD MARK- trade mark registration 1114604
    iii) “G.X.®” LOGO – trade mark registration 1276361
    iv) ‘GROUPX®’ WORD MARK – trade mark registration 1242258

    (hereinafter jointly and severally referred to as ‘the  trade  marks’).

    2)  If utilising the trade marks, you agree to use in accordance with any specific directions given by us at any time in our sole discretion by written notice to you. Such direction may include but not be limited to:

    (a)  The removal from a form of advertising or sponsorship; and
    (b)  A modification to the way in which one or all of the trade marks have been displayed.

    3)  You agree that in utilising the trade marks, you will not in any way amend, modify or alter the trade marks except as reasonably required to incorporate into your branding of your business and subject to Clause 2 contained herein. You further agree that you will not claim any right or goodwill in the trade marks or any mark that is substantially identical or deceptively similar to the trade marks or any other trade mark owned by Punch International Pty Ltd. You acknowledge that by virtue of this agreement, Punchfit Global Pty Ltd grants you a non-exclusive and revocable licence to use the trade marks and we may licence use of the trade marks to a competitor of yours. You are not entitled to grant any sub- licence or other interest, nor deal with the trade marks in form whatsoever.

    4)  You acknowledge that the rights granted under this agreement do not constitute a franchise system and the Franchising Code of Conduct does not apply to this agreement or the transactions contemplated by this agreement. You further acknowledge and agree that the relationship between the parties pursuant to this Agreement is of licensor and licensee and is not one of principal and agent nor employer and employee. By virtue of this clause, you acknowledge that you cannot pass yourself of as or to be Punchfit Global Pty Ltd or any related entity, an employee, agent or representative of and you have no power to bind us to any contractual arrangement.

    5)  As a pre-condition to your use of any of the trade marks, you agree that any goodwill accrued from your use of the trade marks solely vests with Punch International Pty Ltd and to this agree to do all things necessary, including signing of any documentation, in order for Punch International Pty   Ltd   to   further   ensure   it’s   right   in   this regard. We reserve the right to immediately terminate your membership, without recourse to you under contract or tort, if in our sole and absolute discretion you bring us or any related entity into disrepute via yours, your employees and/or contractors actions.

    6)  The Club Punchfit® GYM Membership provides you with one Licence per program per corporate address. Each program purchased is independent of any other program purchased. The equipment for each program is specified in your letter of offer.

    7)  Club Punchfit® Member discounts apply to the recommended retail price on all courses run by Punchfit Global Pty Ltd. Corporate rates, sale rates, early bird and other specials are specifically excluded. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. ‘Best buy  wholesale  rates known as “reseller Pricing”,  as  noted  on  our  official   price list, on ALL of Punch Equipment will be made exclusively available via the punchequipment website . Access to and purchasing of Punch Equipment   and   merchandise   at   ‘best   buy reseller  wholesale’   rates   is available via www.punchequipment.com website only and is subject to our terms of trade noted on that website. You must login to through the “wholesale button” area using the uniquely coded login details provided by us to you email sales@punchequipment.com if you require more info. We specifically reserve the right to limit the amount of products sold in any period of time in our sole and absolute discretion.

    8) You may terminate your Membership at any time by writing to: Club Punchfit, 29 Central Drive, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220 or by emailing admin@punchfit.com.au. We reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time for any reason in our sole and absolute discretion by providing 30 days notice to you.

    9) The membership benefits as provided under this agreement are only available to you whilst membership fees are paid and up-to-date.

    10) Membership and the associated fees is valid on a ongoing until cancelled basis. A cancellation letter to Punchfit global P/l

    29 Central Drive, Burleigh Heads 4220 or email admin@punchfit.com.au giving 30 days notice to cancel the billing.

    11) Should you decide to cancel your membership, you are required to declare to Punchfit Global Pty Ltd in writing or via email that you have removed and ceased to use or display any and all of the trade marks from any form of use with your business, within 30 days from the expiry of your membership.

    12) Suspension/cancellation- Club Punchfit® Memberships may be suspended/cancelled and notified by email for the following reasons (but not limited to)

    -Bankruptcy of the member /corporation
    -Insanity or mental health issues resulting in member bringing the IP into disrepute.
    -Breech of the coaches code of conduct
    -Criminal conviction
    -Members/Corporations making false assertions of qualifications
    -Non financial with license fees by more than 30 days
    -distributing, scanning ,uploading ,and or sharing of Licensed club membership Ip and training methods
    -Rebadging and or plagiarism of Club memberships training methods and Ip .

    13) It is solely your responsibility to inform Punchfit Global Pty Ltd of any changes to your personal details. Club Punchfit accepts no responsibility for members not receiving their supersessions or Pt updates, invitations, or other promotional material if incorrect details are provided or Club Punchfit is not notified of any change in personal details.

    14) Club Punchfit® GYM Membership: Each Gym membership must be in the name of the corporation. The weekly membership fee for monthly supersession access and webinar is per corporation address- sharing or multiple use of the copyright and licenced material to other unlicenced club addresses may result in legal action .

    15) Club Punchfit® reserves the right to refuse membership to the program; suspend, terminate or change the program or terminate any individual at the sole and absolute discretion of the Club Punchfit Auditor. If your membership has been suspended you will be notified in writing or via email.

    16) Club Punchfit® PT Membership: Each membership must be in the name of a natural person only for a PT membership. Only the named person is entitled to the membership benefits provided in being a Club Punchfit® member and multiple persons cannot operate under a single membership. We reserve the right to immediately terminate your membership, without recourse to you under contract or tort, if we suspect that your membership is not solely being utilised by you.

    17) You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified us: (a) against all actions, claims, liabilities, expenses, losses, damages and costs (on a solicitor and own client basis and whether incurred by or awarded against us) that we may sustain or incur whether directly or indirectly from:

    i) any wilful, unlawful or negligent acts or omissions by you or your personnel arising out of or in relation to the this agreement, including, but not limited to, claims by third parties and whether they are made in contract or in tort;
    ii) a breach by you and/or your personnel of your obligations under this agreement.

    18) To the extent permitted by law in no circumstances will we be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss arising in relation to this agreement, including without limitation for loss of profits or loss of business.

    19) We cannot guarantee that we will not need to add to, change or remove, conditions of membership, including but not limited to this terms and conditions and the services and facilities offered by us as a Club Punchfit® member from time to time. Any such additions, deletions or changes will be notified to you in writing or via email from time to time by us to your last known address in writing or by phone with at least 30 days notice.

    20) Where a provision is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable by the courts the provisions will be deleted from this agreement but such deletion will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. This agreement is subject to Australian Law and the Courts of Queensland will have jurisdiction over any disputes in relation to it.

    21) We reserve the right at any time, after the minimum period on a contract, to increase the fees to be charged, and will use reasonable endeavours to give written notice to the most current address you have supplied at least 30 days prior to this occurring. You will be taken to have received notices sent to your latest address given to us on the second business day after we post them.

    22) All fees payable under this agreement are “GST inclusive”. If the rate at which GST is charged changes then the fees payable under the contract will increase or decrease by the amount by which GST increases or decreases.

    23) In the course of establishing this agreement with you and during the term of this agreement it is likely we will be privy to certain sections of your personal information (such as full name, address and your health). We will only use, disclose or deal with such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. A full copy of our Privacy Policy is available on our website or can be sent to you on request in writing to admin@punchfit.com.au.