Recommended for Personal Trainers, Gym Owners, Coaches & Boxing Pad Holders.

Online Boxing / Pad Holder Safety Course

The Punchfit Boxing / Pad Holder Safety Course is designed to educate you on the critical safety aspects, the basic Duty of Care requirements, Safe Pad Holding plus some never ever’s when teaching Boxing Pad Work for Fitness or Boxing Pad Work for Ring Fighting. Achieving a 100% pass in the online exam confirms you are aware of many common, potentially dangerous and legal liable situations that can occur whilst teaching Pad Work.

Est Time to Complete: Under 1 Hour
No Pre Requisites

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You will receive the above Certificate upon successful completion of this course.

Who Should Complete This Course?

Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, PE Instructors, Martial Arts Instructors, Coaches, Fighters, Pad Holders and Gym Owners.
This Online Course may be considered the minimum requirement for Insurance Companies, please check with your current insurance provider to find out more!
The course can also be used to recap, refresh and reinforce the safety aspects and Duty of Care that you have learnt if you have completed one of our Face to Face Courses.

Course Requirements

There are NO pre-requisites for undertaking this course.
It will require a reliable internet connection.

Is it available in my country?

This course is available globally.

What You Will Learn

SAFE client control


SAFE protective requirement


SAFE padwork position


SAFE technique application to equipment


SAFE position of pad holding


SAFE control of powerful clients


SAFE precautions for evasion drills


SAFE technique correction


SAFE training of minors


SAFE alternatives for minor pad work


SAFE placement of equipment


SAFE floor space requirements


SAFE hygiene practice


SAFE warm up requirements


SAFE management of work loads


SAFE incorporation of strength & conditioning


SAFE equipment evaluation


SAFE pad work combinations

Course Reviews

Was really quick and easy to follow course. All information was clear and concise. Thanks heaps!

While I have undertaken boxing for three years, I found Puchfit online to be a handy resource and learnt some vaulebel things

Was a good course to get me started on my coaching journey.

Great course value for money. Thanks

Unreal! Quick, very well shown and explained, Great value.

This is a great introduction to boxing and how to operate safely! Excited to continue my education in boxing!

Awesome videos. Easy and cheap.

Basic course with simple easy rules to follow while conducting padwork

Very informative, straight forward and to the point. Covers all crucial points that must be considered to keep the trainer in compliance insurance wise and out of any situations that could be misinterpreted by clients or minors.

simple yet effective communication of the key fundamentals and things to consider when teaching and receiving boxing during a session. raising awareness of legal implications/negligence and possible limitations to keep in mind. would recommend 🙂