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3 Boxing Technique Adjustments!

By October 12, 2021No Comments

3 Adjustments for Fundamental Boxing Technique.

As a boxing coach, observing and creating simple adjustments to your boxers technique can make dramatic changes in their performance.
When training a beginner especially, utilise these small coaching cues to immediately improve their technique.

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1. Shoulder extension on the jab! 👊

Beginner boxers typically have a hard time understanding their reach and their potential to reach and land a solid jab.
To review the reach of the jab, watch for the clients lead shoulder, it should be situated well in-front of their eyeline, giving you the indication that they are fully extending their shoulder out in front.
If this is not occurring, get the client to land the jab on a focus pad and ask them to hold it upon striking, then give their shoulder a tap, asking them to bring it further out in front if required.

2. Heel extension on the cross! 👊

Throwing a cross is naturally one of the hardest punches a boxer can possess, utilising the extension of the rear foot adds even more finesse to this punch with minimal effort.
Beginners however tend to either leave their rear foot flat or lift the rear foot completely off the floor when throwing.
Once the client has landed their cross on a pad, ask them to keep it extended and take a look at their rear foot, is the heel off the floor?, are their toes facing forward?, did they pivot on the ball of the foot slightly?
If not, show them the proper form and give them a hand where required and permitted.

3. Hip rotation on the lead hook! 👊

The lead hook is arguably the most powerful punch in a boxers arsenal, with that being said, a lead hook requires a good understanding of the biomechanics required in order to deliver the damage.
A lead hook can be thrown in varying ways yet some fundamental movements remain the same.
When observing your clients lead hook, ask the client to land the lead hook on the pad, then take look at the lead hip, if it failed to move at anytime, the boxer may be missing out on some of the mechanical advantages.
To fix, mirror your students stance beside them or in-front of them and ask them to copy your movements, or kindly ask for their permission for you to manually manipulate them into the correct movements/positions.

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