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What are the most popular boxing techniques?

By August 25, 2022September 2nd, 2022No Comments

By using proper boxing techniques, you can improve your skills to become stronger, more powerful, and faster than ever before. A good boxing practice enhances overall efficiency and effectiveness. When it comes to effective boxing techniques, great boxers focus on improving performance rather than being limited by rules and forms.

Listed below are some of the best and most popular boxing techniques


As you move toward your target, you will be moving across your body as the punch in this boxing technique is thrown by your rear hand. It requires the force of the back hip to be rotated, and a lot of force is generated with a cross punch. In terms of the power punches a boxer can use, it is considered the most important boxing technique. In this boxing technique, the right hand is used when you are in an orthodox stance, and the left hand is used in a southpaw stance.

Lead uppercut

In this boxing technique, a punch is thrown from under, travelling vertically toward a target’s chin or solar plexus. The left hand is used for most traditionally orthodox stances, but the right hand is always used for southpaws. To ensure you follow the right boxing technique to throw your punch appropriately, you should bend your knees and lower the punch rather than reach the ground.

Rear uppercut 

In this boxing technique, an opponent’s chin or solar plexus is struck with the punch from underneath. In addition to a power punch, a boxer’s arsenal includes an uppercut. According to the orthodox or southpaw posture, it can be thrown with the right or left hand.

Lead hook

The lead hook boxing technique ensures that your arm angles 90 degrees while raising it and keeping it in parallel with the ground. The best way to ensure you throw your punch is appropriately by bending your knees and lowering instead of reaching down. It means you need not expose your chin to your opponent in such a situation. An orthodox stance involves throwing it with your left hand, while a southpaw stance involves throwing it with your right hand. 

Rear hook

In this rear hook boxing technique, your arm should be at a ninety-degree angle and parallel to the ground. Ensure that your knees are bent and you lower your throw so your chin. When a stance is orthodox, it is thrown with the right hand, and when a stance is a southpaw, it is thrown with the left hand.


In this boxing technique, put your fists up to your guard at the beginning of your boxing stance. A good way to escape the line of your opponent’s shot is to rotate from your waist to left, drop your left shoulder, bend knees, and crunch to your left when you erroneously stumble. A counter should be repeated on the opponent’s right-side throws to the left. When you slip your stance, you are in a position to counter as you rise back up to your starting stance in boxing technique.

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