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Why choose Punchfit®?

Punchfit® Global is an International leading provider of authentic pad work accreditations.

We teach courses for Boxing Pad Work, Kickboxing and MMA Fitness Courses.

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If you're looking for a personal training course in Australia or New Zealand, browse the courses available at Punchfit®.

We teach advanced boxing pad work techniques for Personal Trainers and the general public looking to learn boxing pad work skills.

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CEC Points

Earn valuable CEC points with Fitness Australia when you complete a Punchfit® Trainer Course.

All Punchfit® Courses are accredited with Fitness Australia. We also offer AIF member discounts.

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How does Punchfit® help you?

When you book a course online, you’ll learn how to safely teach boxing pad work classes.

Established 1989

Punchfit® Training Courses was established in 1989 and caters to the fitness industry.

For 26 years, over 25,000 people have completed a Punchfit® personal training course.

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PunchTV teaches you advanced boxing class techniques and personal training business tips.

PunchTV provides an extensive video library of both free and membership videos.

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Get Qualified

You won't be disappointed when you book a trainer course online with Punchfit®.

You'll learn new boxing pad work skills and teach boxing pad work classes safely if you're a personal trainer.

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Search through our online Punchfit® trainer directory for a Personal Trainer or yourself.

Once you finish a trainer course, your name and location is automatically added to the directory.

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