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Top 3 Evasive Techniques in Boxing

By August 11, 2021No Comments

How to train defence on the pads

Are your padholding sessions getting a bit repetitive? Mix them up by including some evasion drills. Evasion drills are an excellent way to keep your client engaged and develop their boxing skills.

Here, Punchfit® is showing you the top 3 boxing evasive techniques and how to conduct them so you can teach your client.

NOTE: When conducting evasion drills with a client, Punchfit® highly recommends the use of Coach Sticks. These tools are designed to increase your range as a padholder, decrease risk of injury to the client and overall allow for more effective evasive techniques.

1 – The Lean Back

The Lean Back is a great technique for avoiding straight punches, hooks, uppercuts – anything coming your way.

It allows you to quickly distance yourself from your opponent’s oncoming strike and sets you up to counter once the strike as passed by you.

They key to effective Lean Back is to slide your rear leg back, in a straight line, behind you. Keep that rear foot horizontal to provide you with a stable frame to shift your weight back on as you lean you head right back, allowing any strikes to pass by in front of you.

Ensure you keep your guard up while you lean back!


2 – The Slip

The slip is one of the most common evasive techniques you’ll see in boxing and is used by amateurs and professionals alike and  is generally how you would evade a straight punch.

It involves moving your head off the ‘centreline’, allowing the oncoming strike to pass by the side of your head. From there you’re in a perfect position to counter.

When conducting the slip, step your foot in the direction your moving your head to assist in shifting your weight in that direction and to create a strong frame from which to pivot or counter.

Avoiding bending upright and laterally as you slip and aim to keep your chin tucked and guard up as you move.

Always slip to the outside. Lastly, ensure you always slip to the outside! Say your opponent throws a left, where do you think their next punch is coming from? Their right – so you definitely do not want to slip in that direction. If they throw a left, slip right – and vice versa.

3 – The Duck & Weave

Lastly, there’s the Duck & Weave. This technique is a great way of evading oncoming hooks but can also be used for straight punches. It allows you to drop below the level of the oncoming punch and pop back up on the outside, ready to counter.

There are two components to this manoeuvre. For the Duck, drop your weight through the knees and hips. Aim to drop directly downwards and avoid leaning forward and ensure you stay upright and keep your eyes on your target!

Adding the Weave is almost like adding a Slip after dropping underneath the punch. After Ducking, use a lateral step to shift your weight to the side, popping back up on the ‘outside’ of your opponent, ready to counter.




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