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There are many benefits to training on a heavybag, such as developing power and conditioning, and it has it’s place in any training regime. However, there are some benefits to hitting pads that you simply can’t gain using a heavybag.

Here are the top 3 benefits of padwork you can’t get on a heavybag.


A heavy bag is an easy target to hit – but an opponent is not!

In boxing, you’re generally aiming for your opponent’s head. This is a relatively small target and can be especially hard to hit as your opponent moves and defends. This makes accuracy a crucially important skill to develop in boxing.

While a heavybag has it’s uses, it’s an incredibly easy target to hit. With such a large surface area, a heavybag provides very little incentive for a boxer to develop their accuracy. On a bag, you can swing for the fences and be sure you’ll land somewhere. But this does not prepare you for a real-life boxing match!

Pads, on the other hand, provide a much smaller target and require a lot more attention from the boxer in order to land correctly. This provides a much more realistic scenario for the boxer and leaves them better prepared for a bout.

Padwork is a must for anyone wanting to develop their accuracy in boxing.


A heavy bag doesn’t move – but your opponent will!

When you’re training on a bag, it’s easy to get into the habit of planting your feet when you throw. You can stand right in front of the bag and throw to your heart’s content. But training only on a non-moving target such as a heavybag leaves you ill prepared for a bout!

In a boxing match, you certainly don’t want to stand in place. You’ll be required to move around the ring – and throw punches as you do! Whether you’re it’s for defense of offence, movement is crucial in boxing and something that needs to be developed in training – and nothing quite prepares you for this like padwork.

A good padholder can create a realistic scenario and move around the ring during a session, requiring you to chase, evade, adjust angles and overall develop your footwork and movement.

Padwork is essential for those who want to develop their movement for boxing.



A bag doesn’t punch back – but a padholder can!

Boxing is all about “hit and don’t get hit”. A heavybag is a great tool to develop your offence (power, conditioning, etc.) but only does so much to help you develop your defense.

It’s easy to forget to defend yourself when training on a heavybag. With no oncoming punches, you can plant your feet, keep your hands down and swing all you want on a bag without any worry of getting hit back. This can be a lot of fun but leaves you ill prepared should you decide to step into the ring!

Training on the pads, with an experienced padholder, gives you the chance to develop your defense as well as your offense!

A good padholder will not only help point out any holes in your defense, such as dropping your guard when throwing a punch, but can also safely include evasion drills. Slips, rolls, parrying, blocking, leaning back – there a various types of drills a padholder can introduce to help you develop your defense, something you simply can’t get when training on a bag.

Padwork is essential for anyone wanting to develop their defense in boxing.


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