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Surprising Benefits of Boxing

By March 18, 2022No Comments

What are some of the advantages of boxing? For most enthusiasts,  boxing is the ultimate stress reliever, with at least 75% of Australians admitting that stress has an adverse effect on their physical health, which can be reduced with a daily dosage of punching, ducking, and diving. 

While boxing benefits cardiovascular health, mental wellness, and strength, it does not end there. Here are five additional surprise benefits of boxing!


Boxing Shapes the Abdominal muscles.


Boxing is an excellent approach to improve abs that are both functional and attractive. A frequent fallacy is that boxing is just an arm workout. While boxing with bad technique can cause your shoulders to burn like crazy, boxing with the perfect form also provides an intense core exercise. In boxing, hip and trunk rotation are required to produce speed and power. 

his demands abdominal muscles such as the internal and external obliques to contract explosively to generate torque and slow the movement sufficiently to maintain your centre of mass over your base of support.


Boxing Is Good for Bone Mineral Density


Boxing is an excellent method to strengthen your bones. Athletic trainers recommend boxing to the elderly at risk of developing osteoporosis. The pressures sent through the hands and arms promote bone regeneration and fortification, potentially reducing the chance of developing osteoporosis and, in some circumstances, reversing the disorders. Resistance exercise, in general, is an excellent technique to offset the harmful effects of sedentary behaviour on bone mineral loss. 

Mechanical stress applied to the skeleton by external loads (i.e., muscles and tendons pushing on the bones) is an efficient stimulus for bone mineral density modifications. Boxing checks this box in addition to another. The impact pressures generated by punching boxing pads/bags transmit forces through the bones, increasing bone mineral density.


Boxing Invigorates the Heart and Lungs


Boxing is an excellent cardio-respiratory workout. A boxer’s fitness level is frequently unmatched in sports. Elite athletes who attempt a stint in boxing quickly discover how fit they must be. The activity is full-body in nature and extremely demanding on the heart and lungs. When you pound through a boxing exercise, no muscle goes unworked, and it is directed at them all. 

As a result, your heart and lungs must work overtime to transport oxygenated blood to your working muscles to sustain a high work output. If you’re a road runner looking for a break from your regular cardio routine, boxing will provide cardiovascular advantages without the lower body joint loads associated with pounding the pavement on a long run every day.