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VIC – Noble Park – Punchfit Level 1: 4th February 2017

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Melbourne Personal Training Course in Boxing

A fantastic day was spent with this group of Trainers, who now have the art of Boxing Pad Work under their belts. Footwork drills, shadow boxing, the basic punch correction techniques and combination sourcing was just some of the boxing coaching skills taught to them today.  Welcome to the Punchfit Family and make sure you check out our Boxing Workouts Page for ideas on Class Structures and PT Sessions: don’t get caught out making combinations up on the spot!

Punchfit Presenter: Kelly Seif

Learning how to correct a boxer’s punching technique

Correct punching technique is taught in the Punchfit Trainer Level 1 course.

Queuing is a massive part of controlling a boxer

Learn distancing techniques to protect yourself as a Pad Holder