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Benefits of Boxing and Taking Boxing Classes

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Boxing is one of the most demanding but also a rewarding forms of exercise training. It conditions your entire body and provides one of the most challenging and enjoyable workouts of any sport. The physiological benefits of boxing are extensive. These include increased self-discipline and self-confidence, increased agility, speed, coordination, endurance and strength. Unlike most forms of training, reflexes are also improved and skills are learnt.

Some Reasons to take Boxing Courses

Boxing is a high-intensity full-body workout that will make you physically stronger as well as aerobically and anaerobically fitter. It is a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems as well as training upper body, lower body and core strength.

Calorie expenditure and fat burning are very elevated during boxing as it is such a high-intensity workout utilizing large muscle groups and constantly keeps you moving. Boxing does not tend to add muscle bulk as much as tone and define muscle because it involves such high repetitions.

Boxing is a workout that can accommodate for all levels of strength and fitness and can be enjoyed by beginner to advanced participants. Drills can easily be modified to increase or decrease the intensity and complexity of the workout.

Boxing Courses: Pad Training Classes and More

Boxing workouts may include pad work, bag work, footwork and shadow boxing, skipping, cardiovascular and strength drills, and squad work or sparring.

As with any new form of training, it is important to be aware of any safety issues and maintain correct technique. Correct strapping and proper use of equipment are also vital. Complimentary exercises would include resistance training, plyometrics, core strengthening and flexibility work.

Article by Taryn Polovin
BApp. Sc (exercise and sports science), Grad Dip (Human Nutrition)

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