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Basic Boxing Techniques – Stance, Footwork and Making a Fist

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Boxers stance

Correct Boxers Stance

Definition: Head should be tucked behind shoulder, with chin down.  Stance should have feet, shoulder width apart with 70% of weight on front foot and 30% on back foot.  Power hand is on jaw line with front hand at cheek height.  Body should be slightly forward with elbows in.

Orthodox:  Left foot and left hand are lead side for orthodox – generally orthodox boxers are right handed.
Southpaw:  Right foot and right hand are lead side for southpaw – generally southpaw boxers are left handed.

Making a Fist, Boxing Stance & Footwork

It’s important to understand the posture for the wrist and hand to make a proper fist for effective punching and to avoid injury.

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For the basic boxing stance, it’s important to stand naturally, with the lead foot pointing towards the target, and the back foot is trailing off to 45 degrees, the boxer upright with their head tucked behind lead shoulder and chin down. The stance should be feet and shoulder width apart with 70% of the weight on the front foot and the remaining on the back foot. The rear power hand sits on the jaw line, with the front jabbing hand poised at cheek height and in front. Body should be slightly forward with elbows in.

If a boxer is right-handed (orthodox), his left hand is the lead hand and his right hand is the rear hand. For a left-handed boxer or southpaw, the hand positions are reversed.

Balance for Pad Trainer Classes

Footwork is equally essential as punches directed at one’s opponent will not land if the boxer cannot efficiently get close enough. Similarly, evading the opponent’s punches will be harder if footwork is lacking. For the pad trainer, footwork is important to teach balance and coordination, work the legs and core, while implementing evasion and offensive maneuvers. All these factors are part of the basic aspects to consider in boxing courses or pad trainer classes.

The key with footwork is to ensure the body is centered and balanced at all times and that fighting stance is maintained. With footwork, the focus should be on moving backward and forward, moving left and right and pivoting. It’s important not to cross the feet.

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