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Product Review – Urban Cobra Focus Pads V30

By January 15, 2020February 21st, 2020No Comments

Why Choose?

The Urban Cobra Focus Pads are primarily designed for recreational Boxing & Personal Trainer pad holding.

Best Features

  • Ultra-lightweight pads for unrestricted movement & minimal shoulder fatigue
  • Covered finger slots for additional hand safety
  • Palm control ball for improved focus pad grip & control
  • 2-inch deep, high shock absorption padding
  • Pre-curved pad face for catching punches in the “sweet spot”
  • Medium-sized focus pads

These eye-catching, state of the art pads are a significant upgrade from general, entry-level boxing focus pads.

The luxurious Matte black, Enduro-35 synthetic leather material casing is soft to the touch and provides a high level of comfort to the pad holder and client.

The sleek and curved target face allows for smoother feedback from punches & in combination with their ultra-lightweight build, this minimises shoulder fatigue & assists with unrestricted, rapid boxing & boxing fitness combinations.

These pads are also built with a curved, palm ball for improved pad grip, covered finger slots for pad holder protection & a thick hook & loop wrist strap to ensure the pads stay on your hands!