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NSW – Randwick– Punchfit Kickpad course: 9th July 2017

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Sydney Personal Trainer Course

Personal Trainers from all parts of Sydney travelled to Blackbelt Pro Gym to learn the art of Kickboxing techniques.
Learning how to control their clients with fun safe pad holding techniques with Muay Thai pads and the unique Punch Equipment Man Shield.

The Kickpad course was a fun and exciting 6 hours where all Trainers were assessed on the basic duty of care requirements and practical assessments.
Ensuring all trainers are now confident to present their own 1 on 1 kickboxing sessions and group classes which will give their clients great fitness results while learning Authentic kickboxing techniques.

Punchfit present various boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial Arts courses  globally.

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TESTIMONIAL: Jessica Stuart.
Nick is really an exceptional trainer. He is quite modest about his accomplishments but after I googled him I was very impressed with his history. His teaching style is quite laid-back but highly effective. I felt like I was able to learn everything I was hoping to, and also more. I signed up to take the following day’s course with him as well