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NEW ONLINE PadHolder Safety Licence

By November 22, 2017October 18th, 2019No Comments

No problem, we now have this covered! Launching soon is our


Become educated in Critical Safety Aspects, Duty of Care Requirements,
Safe Pad Holding and some Never Evers for Boxing Pad Work for Fitness
and Boxing Pad Work for Ring Fighting.

Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, PE Instructors, Martial Arts Instructors, Coaches, Fighters, Pad Holders and Gym Owners who can not get to one of our Face to Face Boxing Pad Holding Courses.

There are no pre-requisites to complete this online course.
This course is recommended for Personal Trainers or Gym Owners who need to be licenced.
This Certification assumes you already know how to hold pads for paying clients, wrap hands, teach footwork, teach 8 basic punches and perform warm ups relevant to boxing.  If you have no prior learning as outlined above then we highly recommend that you attend a 1 day, face to face PUNCHFIT® LEVEL 1 pad work accreditation course.


  • Achieving a 100% pass in the online exam confirms you are aware of many common, potentially dangerous and legal liable situations that can occur whilst teaching fitness pad work.
  • It’s anticipated this Punchfit® Safety Certificate should meet and exceed your Employer’s/ Insurer’s requirements. Always check this is the case by receiving confirmation in writing prior to commencing work.
  • This online course should fill in any knowledge gaps in your prior learning, involving safe and unsafe pad work practices.
  • Successful completion of this course will greatly enhance your knowledge and duty of care confidence in conjunction with a Punchfit® fitness pad work accreditation or Punchfit® 50 combinations book purchase.
  • This Safety Certificate is accepted as proof of being a professional industry participant for wholesale supply of boxing equipment from Punch® Equipment online.
  • The Punchfit® PADHOLDER SAFETY LICENCE can be completed in your own time (up to 3 hours).  Simply watch each mini-video and answer the question pertaining to the video as SAFE or UNSAFE.Once you achieve a 100% score, you can download your Certificate to add to your Resume.  Get a question wrong?  No problem, you can re-do the questions as many times as needed!  How easy is that.
  • This Safety Certification is designed to recap, refresh and re-inforce critical safety aspects and your duty of care during Boxing Pad Work sessions for Fitness or Ring Fighting.
This Punchfit® Safety Certificate is a Pad Holder Duty of Care Syllabus course which includes:
  • SAFE client control
  • SAFE protective requirement
  • SAFE padwork position
  • SAFE technique application to equipment
  • SAFE position of pad holding
  • SAFE control of powerful clients
  • SAFE precautions for evasion drills
  • SAFE technique correction
  • SAFE training of minors
  • SAFE alternatives for minor pad work
  • SAFE placement of equipment
  • SAFE floor space requirements
  • SAFE hygiene practice
  • SAFE warm up requirements
  • SAFE management of work loads
  • SAFE incorporation of strength & conditioning
  • SAFE equipment evaluation
  • SAFE pad work combinations