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How to Choose Shin Pads – Muay Thai & MMA

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Shin Pads Review

If you’re looking for Shin Pads for Muay Thai or MMA training, we’ll provide a review of each shin pad currently available at Punch Equipment.

Continue reading our Shin Guards Muay Thai Review to pick the correct one for your needs.

How to Choose Shin Guards

As a general buying guide, the above video should give you all the facts you need to consider when looking for shin pads.

For Student Training

Punch Muay Thai Shin Guards / Pads

The Punch Muay Thai Shin Guards are ideally designed for students training in Kickboxing. This is a traditional Muay Thai shin pad and its lightweight design makes it ideal for beginners / intermediates.

For Youth and Kids

Urban Muay Thai Shin Guards / Pads

Currently available in White or Grey, the Urban Muay Thai Shin Pads are primarily designed for Kids / Youth in Kickboxing. These pads are super lightweight and very flexible.

For Sparring

Precision Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Shin Guards / Pads

These pads are specifically designed for Kickboxing, Muay Thai & MMA sparring. They’re loaded with padding so you can comfortably take heavy blows to the leg region.