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How can a beginner start boxing at home?

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Are you trying to lose weight, increase your endurance, sculpt your body, and improve your cardio and self-defense? Boxing provides all of these benefits. Also, it is an enjoyable exercise. Among the several benefits of boxing is that the martial arts workout burns up to 600 calories per hour while sculpting your arms, shoulders, core, and legs.  Additionally, because perfecting the punch sequences involves tremendous concentration, boxing is an excellent method to exercise your mind and body, and all these exercises can be done at home.


How do you do boxing at home?


Boxing does not have to be challenging to learn. You may box at home by performing fundamental boxing movements such as jumping rope, shadowboxing drills, heavy bag drills, and core exercises.

Jumping rope is suitable for boxing since it improves focus, speed, agility, and cardiovascular endurance. You can begin by jumping rope for a two-minute warm-up or running for five to ten minutes for added cardio.


Shadowboxing drills do not require any boxing equipment, making them ideal to be performed anywhere. Shadowboxing enables you to refine your form, posture, and punches by simulating various scenarios that may occur when you face an opponent. You can begin with a jab or cross exercise, or you can practice defense movements such as sliding, which requires you to gently bend your knees, shield your face with your hands, and slightly turn your head to the side.

Heavy bag drills might assist in providing you with strength. You can perform a simple exercise by throwing a few rapid jabs, resetting, and repeating a 3-minute round.

Boxers must have a solid core. While you are constantly exercising your core while boxing, you may add additional core exercises such as sit-ups, flutter kicks, and elbow planks to high plank.


Boxing at home

If you want to start your boxing exercises at home, you can visit the Punchfit website for boxing Australia courses.   If you require further instruction for your boxing workouts, you can enrol in online boxing classes. Punchfit provides a variety of at-home boxing exercises and equipment that will allow you to train at your own pace and achieve your fitness goals.