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Getting Started with the Floor to Celing Ball

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A staple for Boxing Training and Boxing Courses

Getting to know the floor-to-ceiling ball is a vital part of a boxer’s training, helping to improve concentration, punching speed and defensive reflexes while working the arms and legs.

For those unfamiliar with this piece of training equipment, the floor to ceiling ball is a round leather inflatable ball suspended between the floor and the ceiling by elastic cords, inferring instant rebound after every strike.

The rebound is so fast, it is difficult to track and hit using normal hand-eye coordination. So the key to working out on the floor to ceiling ball is to relax and focus not on the ball directly, but rather to use your peripheral vision to track it’s direction of motion – throwing punches where the ball will be, rather than where it is. As soon as you do this, you will start hitting it more often.

For beginners, start out by standing in front of the ball and throwing one punch at a time using a jab-cross combo to build a rhythm as the bag rebounds back and forth between the punches… focusing on the ball’s movement and learning to punch it just as it arrives back at you.

While working the floor to ceiling ball maintain a good stance and guard, keeping your hands up and retracting to cover the chin at the end of every punch.

Once you can hit the ball with singles you can try one-two jab combos followed quickly with a cross. This will really make the ball fly back at you especially if you are beginning to hit it straight – which should be your aim to it doesn’t move about too much and become too difficult to manage.

Once you get the one-two perfected, start throwing a third technique like a hook or uppercut, allowing the floor to ceiling ball to hit your guard now and then as it begins to move in left and right arcs or up and down depending on your punches. This will help improve defence and cover moves and add variety to your workout.

Next, pick up the speed and power of your punches, and move about more, being mindful to maintain a good guard as the ball will rebound back at you with similar increases in speed and power.

Regular floor to ceiling ball sessions will help give you a great cardiovascular workout while toning upper and lower body muscles and improving peripheral vision skills, punching speed, defensive reflexes and overall agility and stamina. It’s important to note, the floor to ceiling ball infers some benefits only gained in sparring, for example covering up and getting hit, yet you can workout on this piece of equipment solo.

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