Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing

Why Choose this Course?

Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing Course will teach you how to execute high intensity boxing workouts with minimal change over periods due to the Punch® Equipment Hybrid Gloves. These gloves eliminate the separate use of focus pads which will increase boxing and kickboxing workouts by up to 300%.
Adding in front kicks, punt kicks, knees and ko rounds will ensure Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing will give you a complete full body workout.
This course is the next generation of group kickboxing for fitness. Designed by dual Thailand Certified Master Khru Bruce Townhill, the course teaches you how to deliver kickboxing and modified Muay Thai techniques more efficiently than ever before.

What you will learn

  • How to execute the 6 basic punches, punt kicks, push kicks, reaching and swinging knees, foot work and conditioning exeercises.
  • How to make a fist
  • How to warm up your class
  • How to hold and use the hybrid glove
  • How to correct technique
  • How to reduce injury risk
  • How to meet your duty of care requirements


Upcoming Courses:

NSW – Bondi Boxing Gym
March 8, 2020
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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6 Hours


6 CECs (Fitness Australia)


Personal Trainers/ Instructors who want to broaden their skills in teaching mass classes on pads. Highly recommended for minimal skill level and maximum group fitness.  These formats can also be easily adapted to one on one work outs.


Nil. Anyone, including the general public may participate in this course.