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Boxing Certification – The Top 4 Benefits

By August 16, 2021No Comments

Why become a certified boxing fitness coach?

Boxing is all the rage in today’s fitness industry. Not everyone wants to be a boxer but there are more and more clients out there looking to put on a pair of gloves and experience a boxing fitness workout.

Boxing for fitness has become a valuable and popular new service. As a personal trainer or coach, you can’t afford NOT to offer it, and perhaps the best, and quickest, way to learn this new skill is to complete a Boxing Certification.

Here Punchfit’s giving you the top 4 benefits of becoming a certificate boxing coach.

1 – Learn from experts

Anyone can pick up a pair of focus pads and call themselves a boxing fitness coach and there are many trainers out there teaching boxing without knowing the first thing about the sport.

You don’t have to be a real boxer to teach boxing for fitness. But by completing a boxing certification you, and your clients, can be sure that the skills and knowledge you’re teaching are authentic.

By completing a boxing certification you can show that you’re not just talk. It gives you the chance to learn from industry experts and people with real fight experience so that you can offer ring-tested, proven skills and knowledge to your clients.

2 – Value for money trainer

When hiring a fitness coach, a client is making an investment. They’re looking for the best bang for their buck and before they bring you on as their coach they want to be sure their money is going to be well spent.

By adding a boxing certification to your resume, you can help prospective clients feel more secure about their investment and instantly increase your perceived value as a coach.

You can show that you have more to offer than the average personal trainer, that there is more to your service and you have the credentials to show it.

3 – Stand out from the crowd

The fitness industry is saturated. That’s great news if you’re a prospective client but for all the personal trainers/coaches out there, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to attract new clients, you need to show that you have more to offer than all the other trainers like you. By becoming a certified boxing coach, you’re able to offer a unique yet popular new service that many others do not.

4 – Skill development

One of the fastest ways to lose clients is repetitiveness. If you’re not adding variety to your coaching sessions and regularly mixing things up, you’re going to have a hard time retaining your clients.

One of the best ways to keep your client’s interested is to offer a form of skill development. Boxing is absolutely perfect for this. Not only does boxing offer a number of strength and conditioning benefits, but it also gives your clients something new every time they walk in the door.

By offering a service such as boxing for fitness, your clients will always have something to look forward to as they slowly but surely see their skill level increase.




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