Boxing CECS

Boxing CECS through Punchfit®


As a Registered Exercise Professional, your ongoing professional development involves obtaining 20 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) over a two-year registration period.

Fitness Australia awards CEC points and REPs NZ awards CPD points for successfully completing our courses.


Earn CECs through Punchfit®

Below is the amount allocated to each course.

Name of Course:Length of Course:RRP:
Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1 = 8 CECs and 10 CPDs8 hours$329.00
Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing = 6 CECs6 hours$269.00
GROUPX® Combat Level 1A = 3 CECs4.5 hours$150.00
GROUPX® Combat Level 1B = 4 CECs4.5 hours$150.00
Kick Pad™ Instructor Course = 6 CECs6 hours$329.00
GROUPX® in the Gym = 3 CECs4.5 hoursP.O.A
Punch Pad™ Instructor Course = 5 CECs6 hoursP.O.A

Managing Director Note:  Certification Points are allocated by time, not by authentic knowledge or skill transfer.  Some of our lowest awarded CEC courses are our highest skill and knowledge courses.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

Punchfit Trainer Course Level 1 Punchfit«-Hybrid-glove-group-push-up

Punchfit® provides maximum CECs from fitness Australia for personal trainers Seeking Boxing CECs accreditation for boxing padwork both Nationally and internationally.

As a registered exercise professional, your ongoing professional development involves obtaining 20 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) over a two year registration period.

Earn over 27 CECs through Punchfit® one day accreditation padwork courses. Get your Boxing CECs today!