Boxing CECS through Punchfit®


As a Registered Exercise Professional, your ongoing professional development involves obtaining 20 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) over a two-year registration period.

Fitness Australia awards CEC points and REPs NZ awards ( CPD ) points for successfully completing our courses.


Earn CECs through Punchfit®

Below is the amount allocated to each course.


Name of Course: Length of Course: RRP:
Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1 = 8 CECs and 10 CPDs 8 hours $199.00
Pad Holder Level 1 Online = no CEC’s Approx. 2-3 hours $39.99

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

Punchfit Trainer Course Level 1 Punchfit«-Hybrid-glove-group-push-up

Punchfit® provides CECs from fitness Australia for personal & fitness trainers seeking Boxing CECs accreditation for boxing padwork both nationally & internationally.

As a registered exercise professional, your ongoing professional development involves obtaining 20 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) over a two year registration period.

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