Saturday 4th April, 2020


11:00 pm - 7:00 am


QLD – Gold Coast – Impact Muay Thai
Address: 4/10 Jay Gee Ct, Nerang, Gold Coast
Phone number: 0405 088 078
Fitness Australia
8 CECs (Fitness Australia) | 10 CPDs (NZ REPs)
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Course Overview

This Course focuses on the Trainer’s techniques in teaching boxing and using pads. During the physical component of the course, you will learn the essential fist to pad positions and the correct angles of punches for safe delivery onto the pads. You will learn the correct pad positions and correct techniques for the pad holder to be able to safely control the Boxer. Duty of care and safety considerations are a big part of the course. Everyone will gain knowledge by participating in this course. This course will give you a 12-month syllabus for boxing pad work out routines.

Prerequisites / Requirements

There are NO Prerequisites to undertake this Course.

All equipment is supplied on the day. Due to safety considerations, only the gear supplied can be used. The following items will make your day more comfortable:

  • Covered athlete shoes
  • Comfortable training clothes
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Packed lunch – the 30 minute break may not allow enough time to go to shops
  • Doctors clearance certificate if you have an injury – otherwise you must learn by watching from the side

What You Will Learn

  • Understand safety considerations and your basic duty of care
  • How to make a fist
  • How to stand correctly (for both southpaw and orthodox)
  • How to wrap hands
  • How to skip
  • How to perform the 6 basic punches
  • How to perform footwork
  • How to slip and duck
  • How to warm-up
  • How to hold pads
  • How to teach correct technique
  • How to spot poor technique and correct it
  • How to reduce injury risks
  • How to meet your duty of care requirements
  • Understand the benefits of Boxing
  • Understand how to vary the intensity of workouts through adding and subtracting skills
  • Understand how push-ups/sit-ups and running in the middle of combinations are potentially dangerous
  • Understand how to structure a Boxing Fitness workout
  • Understand and demonstrate a minimum of 20 Authentic Boxing Pad Work drills