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5 reasons why fitness professionals should learn pad holding

By March 30, 2021No Comments

5 key reasons fitness professionals should learn pad holding for boxing fitness

Punchfit® has instructed thousands of students, coaches, fitness trainers & more since 1989.
It’s too often we see trainers in gyms who aren’t proficient in pad holding for boxing.
It’s vitally important that proper pad holding technique is learned for so many reasons,
Here are 5 essential reasons why you should learn proper pad holding.

1. Duty of care

Above all else,
As a personal/fitness trainer, you have a basic duty of care to ensure your student/client leaves your sessions without injury.
While this is never guaranteed,
Not having authentic pad holding skills & knowledge can drastically increase the risk of injury to the client & yourself.

2. Learn authentic skills from professionals trainers & teachers

Punchfit® utilises expert instructors who have real knowledge of their craft,
Punchfit® instructors are required to have at least one commissioned ring fight & hold a minimum of 4 years in instructing boxing, Muay Thai, or other stand-up combat sports.
As their lives revolve around learning & instructing members, amateur & professional fighters & more,
You will learn authentic-based pad holding skills from those who have studied their arts for many years.
With their combined industry knowledge, you will walk away from each course with new & improved boxing-based pad holding skills.

3. Minimal outlay

Starting out as a fitness trainer can be financially difficult.
From spaces to rent, equipment to purchase, insurances to cover, course costs & more, being a fitness trainer can be costly!
As a fitness service, boxing for fitness is one of the most inexpensive ways to start earning an income.
However, without proper training on how to use this equipment can be detrimental to your business & income.
Once you have gained these essential skills,
You simply need some pairs of boxing gloves & focus pads to get your classes started.
Due to COVID-19, requesting clients to have their own gear is also highly recommended.

4. Physical & mental benefits

From fat loss to mood enhancement,
Boxing can produce some fantastic results in both physical & psychological forms.
Having poor pad holding techniques is sure to hinder these benefits from taking place.
If you’re looking to improve your physical & mental health,
Regardless of your age, gender, fitness, boxing is a fantastic outlet to receive these benefits.

5.  Stand out from the crowd

Personal trainers and coaches are required to have certain skills to receive certification.
As boxing for fitness is not a pre-requisite,
Having authentic boxing pad holding skills is a way to provide services other trainers may not have.

Looking to learn or improve your pad holding for boxing?
Take a look at our level 1 safety pad holding course!