What is PunchTV?

PunchTV Australia

From beginners to professional boxers, PunchTV Australia provides quality workout videos and training tips.

How to choose and use

Learn how to buy the correct equipment for your needs. Through our series of product review videos, we advise you on the best features available on the latest gear at Punch® Equipment.

Business & PT Tips

In this section, the PunchTV Pro Team provide you with business tips from their years of experience in the industry. If you want to be a successful Personal Trainer, follow our expert tips at Punch TV.

What you’ll find:

  • Alcohol and training – Learn how to train clients around their drinking habits.
  • Cash Flow – How to manage your cash flow and grow your business.
  • Distraction training – Learn about the best reasons for choosing focus pads.
  • Marketing tips – Learn about the best marketing methods as a new or established business.
  • Other tips – How to stand out from the crowd, phone distractions, scheduling tips and more!

Personal Training & Squad Drills

Learn advanced Personal training techniques and watch Squad drills in this section. The squad drills is mainly focused on kickboxing and boxing techniques. The personal training section aims to help new Personal Trainers learn about training new clients/beginners.

  • Create Fear – Kickboxing
  • Timing – Kickboxing
  • Advanced Timing – Kickboxing
  • Kicking low, middle and high
  • Defence against kicks
  • Boxing drills – How to improve hand quickness, well balanced punches

Dos and dont’s of Personal Training

  • Kickboxing tips for beginners
  • Kickboxing combinations
  • Basic Boxing tips
  • Punching basics
  • Boxing combinations
  • Hand Wrapping

Lunch Training with Bruce

What you’ll learn in this category with Bruce the founder of Punch® Equipment, PunchTV® and Punchfit®:

  • Padwork training
  • Bully boy tactics
  • Speed and accuracy tips
  • Airwork
  • Evasion techniques
  • Round shield training
  • Floor to Ceiling Ball combinations

Strength & Conditioning

Learn how to improve your strength and conditions skills for Boxing and more.

  • Weight training for boxing
  • Tyre strength and conditioning tips
  • Knuckle strengthening
  • How to use weight lifting gear

Injury Prevention

Learn advanced injury prevention techniques from the team at PunchTV. You’ll find videos on how to professionally strap parts of your body to avoid injury (Thumb, Knee, Wrist etc). We also have videos detailing how to avoid injuries in Pad work training.