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Punchfit Trainer Course

The Punchfit® Trainer Course is the first level of Punchfit’s boxing courses and is a prerequisite to attending more advanced programs.

The Punchfit® Trainer Course focuses on the trainer’s technique in boxing and pad work. You will learn boxing and pad work techniques, covering the 6 basic punches building to over 30 authentic boxing combinations, with a focus on training skills so you can start conducting boxing pad work safely, offering fun and innovative fitness sessions for you and your clients.

The Punchfit® Trainer Course is accredited through Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia and offers 8 CEC’s or 2 PDP’s for a successfully completed course.

You will acquire:
  • The correct technique for the 6 basic punches
  • The correct pad positions and correct technique for the pad holder
  • Duty of care and safety considerations
  • Over 30 authentic boxing combinations with pad work to match
  • Personal training, group fitness class structures and drills
  • Other essential skills and techniques to offer your clients fun, safe innovative boxing pad work sessions
Certification and Course benefits:
  • Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia Certification 8 CEC’s / 2 PDP’s
  • Punchfit® “Trainer Search” directory registration (hosted at www.punchfit.com.au)
  • Unlimited gear at wholesale prices from the fitness industry’s premium boxing brand: Punch Equipment®
  • 1 x Set of Handwraps
  • 1 x Authentic Punchfit® Certificate (in full colour, with an authentic gold foil seal)
  • 1 x 24 page Supplementary Manual
  • Ability to pre purchase AAA Commercial Grade Punch® Course Equipment, used on the day, at cost price
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