Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1

INVESTMENT of $329.00 $299.00
(AIF member discounts available-contact your Scout Leader for code)
ACCREDITATION: 8 CECs (Fitness Australia) | 10 CPDs (NZ REPs)

ABOUT: This Course focuses on the Trainer’s techniques in teaching boxing and using pads.  During the physical component of the course you will learn the essential fist to pad positions and the correct angles of punches for safe delivery onto the pads.  You will learn the correct pad positions and correct techniques for the pad holder to be able to safely control the Boxer.  Duty of care and safety considerations are a big part of the course.  Everyone will gain knowledge participating in this course.  This course will give you a 12 month syllabus for boxing pad work out routines.


  • How to warm up and stretch your clients out
  • How to teach the 6 basic punches with correct fist position
  • How to teach evasion
  • How to teach basic hand wrapping
  • How to teach timing
  • How to safely control your clients

RECOMMENDED FOR: Persons wanting to teach one on one Pad Work Sessions and small groups.  Highly recommended to Personal Trainers, Coaches, PE Coaches, Fitness Instructors, Martial Arts Instructors, Fighters, Pad Holders and Gym Owners with no formal qualifications in pad work. Also great for the general public who just want to improve their pad work skills.

PRE-REQUISITES: NIL – you do not have to be a qualified Personal Trainer to do this course – anyone can attend!

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Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing

Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing

INVESTMENT of $269.00  $249.00
(AIF member discounts available – contact your Scout Leader for code)
ACCREDITATION: 6 CECs (Fitness Australia)

ABOUT: Punchfit Group Fitness Boxing Course will teach you how to execute high intensity boxing workouts with minimal change over periods due to the Punch® Equipment Hybrid Gloves. These gloves eliminate the separate use of focus pads which will increase boxing and kickboxing workouts by up to 300%.
Adding in front kicks, punt kicks, knees and ko rounds will ensure Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing will give you a complete full body workout.
This course is the next generation of group kickboxing for fitness. Designed by dual Thailand Certified Master Khru Bruce Townhill, the course teaches you how to deliver kickboxing and modified Muay Thai techniques more efficiently than ever before.


  1. How to execute the 6 basic punches, punt kicks, push kicks, reaching and swinging knees, foot work and conditioning exeercises.
  2. How to make a fist
  3. How to warm up your class
  4. How to hold and use the hybrid glove
  5. How to correct technique
  6. How to reduce injury risk
  7. How to meet your duty of care requirements

Personal Trainers/ Instructors who want to broaden their skills in teaching mass classes on pads. Highly recommended for minimal skill level and maximum group fitness.  These formats can also be easily adapted to one on one work outs.

PRE-REQUISITES: Nil.  Anyone, including the general public may participate in this course.

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Kick Pad™ Instructor Course

INVESTMENT of $329.00  $279.00
(Maximum of 10 per course – small numbers for high skill transfer)
DURATION: 6 hours
ACCREDITATION: 6 CECs (Fitness Australia)

PRE-REQUISITES: Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1

ABOUT: The kickpad course will give you the skills to devise your own 1 on 1 kickboxing session with thai pads executing round kicks, push kicks, punt kicks, 6 basic punches and knees.The kickpad course gives you combinations and structured class formats with thai pads and also the Punch Equipment man Shield which gives you great knowledge to train group classes to ensure the maximum fitness workout is produced while executing fun, safe kickboxing techniques.

The Kick Pad™ Instructor Course is the third of Punchfit®’s specialist Personal Training Courses, with the addition of kicking skills, evasion and fitness drills in dynamic pad work outs.

Effective pad techniques for structuring your own authentic kickboxing pad work combinations suitable for P.Ts – right up to ring fighters. Builds on the skills gained in the pre-requisite Punchfit® Trainer Course Level 1.


  1. How to execute the 8 weapons of Muay Thai correctly and safely
  2. How to coach punches, elbows, knees and kicks correctly and safely onto pads
  3. How to spot poor technique and how to correct it.
  4. How to understand the benefits of kickboxing
  5. How to format professional pad working drills
  6. How to use public speaking for crowd control

Personal Trainers who want to teach advanced Kick Boxing pad work, through to a full-time specialist Instructor level of competency.


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GROUPX® Combat Level 1A

GROUPX® Combat Level 1A

INVESTMENT of $150.00
(AIF member discounts available)
DURATION: 4.5 Hours
ACCREDITATION: 3 CECs (Fitness Australia)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Group Fitness Instructors (and Personal Trainers) who want to incorporate boxing, kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fitness techniques into their sessions using the unique Punchfit® ManShield™.

PRE-REQUISITES: Nil – you do not have to be a qualified Personal Trainer – anyone can attend this course!

This course is the next generation in group Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA Fitness. All executed on our diverse GROUPX® Man Shield™ that can be utilised for one on one training, individual self-training or in group classes in a stand up position only – no ground work done in this course.

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GROUPX® Combat Level 1B

GROUPX® Combat Level 1B

INVESTMENT of $150.00
(AIF member discounts available)
ACCREDITATION: 4 CECs (Fitness Australia)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Group Fitness Instructors (and Personal Trainers), Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Taekwando, Karate Instructors and Mixed Martial Artists seeking certification to teach MMA fitness classes.


This course is Punchfit®’s foundation “Mixed Martial Arts” course for the fitness industry being delivered on our diverse GROUPX® Man Shield™ using MMA ground work techniques, skills and drills, punching, knees, elbows, kicks, chokes and holds.

This course takes you to the next level post the GROUPX® Combat Level 1A, using safe transition techniques from “stand up to ground” and “ground to stand up”.

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Padholder Duty of Care Licence

INVESTMENT of $149.00 $99.00
(Limited time sale price)
DURATION: Up to 3 hours

ABOUT:  This Safety Licence is designed to educate you on the critical safety aspects, the basic Duty of Care requirements, Safe Pad Holding plus some never ever’s when teaching Boxing Pad Work for Fitness or Boxing Pad Work for Ring Fighting.  Achieving a 100% pass in the online exam confirms you are aware of many common, potentially dangerous and legal liable situations that can occur whilst teaching Pad Work.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, PE Instructors, Martial Arts Instructors, Coaches, Fighters, Pad Holders and Gym Owners.
This Licence can be the minimum requirement for Insurance Companies.
This Licence can also be used to recap, refresh and reinforce the safety aspects and Duty of Care that you have learnt if you have completed one of our Face to Face Courses.

PRE-REQUISITES: There are no pre-requisites.   This certification is recommended for Personal Trainers or Gym Owners who need to be licenced.

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